Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"SPIT" personality - SONS Of SALIVA ( SOS)

Ulaga Nayagan tried to convey the message in the song from the movie PKS - எதிர் காத்துல ஏச்சி மொழியதே தம்பி டா தம்பி.......

Still lakhs of people(herein referred to as SOS) don’t seem to have understood the meaning and continue to pollute the streets, wet the motherland and sprinkle holy water on co-travelers.

The worst of all they don’t even feel for their negligence or care to apologize for such scatterbrained and ill mannered act.

Patience is a (limited) virtue and the SOS don’t realize that its only a matter of time before they are at the receiving end and receive a taste(YUK) of their own medicine.

Its really sad that people take time to follow good deeds and only acquire such (civic)senseless acts in a jiffy.

This habit is spreading fast like wild fire and the number of people spitting on the road are increasing at an alarming rate, as high as the birth rate in our country!

I am sure there are better and healthy ways to help fight global warming. What is more paining is that “some” woman folks are also a victim of this habit L

The number of spitters on road every day would even defy geometric progression as I see them everywhere – people spit from autos, buses, trains, lorries, cycle, bikes and where not.

Even while walking on the road or standing in a tea shop, they don’t forget to do this act which would make the country proud. Its horrible in traffic signals as auto drivers tend to spit near your leg.

Railway(especially MRTS) stations and Public sector buildings are a feather in the cap for SOS, thanks to the betel leaf.

One can now imagine why the PSE buildings are always painted in brick red color and why our famous Chennai Central station was repainted and could not withstand its creamy yellow color even for a very short time.

Its high time we do something about it. May be the Government could pass a law to prevent this ( Its already prevalent in countries like . When there is helmet law, anti-smoking law, why not anti-spitting law?

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  1. Hope u got treated from an SOS recently! hahaha... but ur right...