Monday, February 6, 2012

NON-STICK relationships!

When did you last kiss your mom? Yes, thats what I meant to ask you. Can you remember when did you last kiss your mom?

Do you realize that when you were a child, your mom would have kissed you atleast a million times! Leave alone kissing, as some of you may argue that there are better ways of expressing love.

Can you recollect when did you last take out your parents for a movie or restaurant and spend time with them and for them alone? Or when was the last time you bought them some gifts ( I am certainly not talking about costly gifts like a diamond necklace or a double border kancheepuram silk saree or a bike for your dad)

Ok, leave alone gifts too, as few of you may argue that you do not want to trade the relationship values.Can you retrospect and think of the last time you were the sole reason for a smile on your parents face? Do we ever have time to patiently hear our their views, problems and opinions?

If the answer is YES to any or all of the above, you are certainly belong to the elite and limited club of parent caring children. If not, welcome to the world of NON-STICK relationships. You still have ample opportunities and instances to correct yourself before its too late. Not only MOTHER-CHILD, most other intimate relationships are become conditional, selfish and a mere formality these days.

People are becoming to behave more and more like programmed devices. Thanks to the whole new world of technological advancements which are slowly and surely eating our personal space and life.

We invariably end up spending most of our free time on TOUCH screen phones and forget to touch the lives of the relationships around us. Not only mobile phones, you know the names of other culprits too. The world is becoming more and more selfish and self-centred. Most of us only think about others when we have a need and when we need to address our wants. True love almost seems to have become extinct. The world is producing better actors by the day and we seek INSTANT resolution for everything. Patience is becoming a forgotten virtue.

Can you quote a single instance of a parent bringing up the child through a web camera, skype or net meeting? Parents always have their children as the first priority. Shouldn’t we reciprocate atleast a part of it?

P.S: I am certainly not against Technology but only against the over usage of it and its addiction.

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