Monday, January 9, 2012


No, the subject is not about FASTING. It’s a googly.

Its about advancing the time in your watch (mobile would be more relevant as I don’t see many people wearing a watch these days) and trying to get ahead in life ;)

Does this really work? Well, I have lost faith in the process as I still continue to be unpunctual. ( If you thought impunctual is the right word, then you are rightly wrong as me)

Well, actually it's a no-brainer. But after innumerous attempts, I have realized that our brain is superior than us and we end up fooling ourselves.Dont you think so?

A ten minute advancement in time will constantly remind us that we have 10 more minutes and we tend to over utilize the actual time and end up slightly later than the correct time.

Hats off to Murphy’s law. It is certainly a “Clock”tical Illusion.Also I strongly believe that punctuality has to be in the mind and not in the clock.

As there is a saying that “Whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, whether you believe or not, "Execution" time on most occasions is later than "Actual" time and we are misguided by the "Advanced" time ! ( If you wanted to reach office by 9am and set your clock faster by 10 minutes, 9 out of 10 times, you reach office after 9am and not before 8:50)

For those of you who still have faith in the concept, please try and create a folder named CON in your system.

Reality – Don’t worry about today, its already tomorrow in Australia.

Myth – Don’t worry about today, its already tomorrow here (as I have kept my watch 24 hours fast)

Next time when you hear someone saying “டைம் செரி இல்லப்பா ”, stand well away from them and just ask them to adjust their time to reset their misfortune.

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