Wednesday, December 21, 2011

No bad news is good news! Idle is also sometimes ideal

Thanks to the monsoon, pollution, traffic(leading to sweat), chennai weather and my dear office colleagues that I too got the killer Cold!

As they say that well begun is half done, I never realized that the cold began well and then grew into fever. Luckily it dint gather enough courage and strength to transform into a viral fever, else I might have had to request the Doc to install Symantec Anti Virus in me ;)

Good times are never good for you. ( Read it again) You tend to become arrogant, over joyed and care least about others and even you during that period.

Its only during the bad phase of life that you really “start living” and realizing life and yearn for the pleasures of life(which you have had and missed enjoying) and end up becoming more philosophical.

Exceptions are always an exception, But I am not. I too realized that the previous week which I earlier thought was a ridiculous week with no interesting(you may skip this word) ;) work, was heaven. ( for the simple reason that I dint have cold then)

Alas, it was too late. I don’t have the time machine to rewind and enjoy the previous week.

When a simple cold could make so much difference to the thought process, I started understanding that “No bad news is indeed a good news”(subject ku vandhom la, enga vechurkaen paarunga linka) and life has to be lived every second.

As some QRST said (why always use ABC or XYZ) that your life span is the split second between your first breath and your next breath, Life has to be lived and enjoyed every second.

Now hold on, am getting sneeze….Huchhhhhhhhhh…. J Now my neighbour will start feeling that his last week was good. Old is COLD….

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