Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This weekend when DST changes came into effect, I was thinking this( exactly when the time was set behind by an hr).
Would DST be accepted in India at all? Well, it may sound funny.

In Chennai, some parties may protest against it, some may plan for a hunger strike.

All the “Raaghu Kaalam”, “Yema Gandam” “Nalla neram”, “Ketta neram” etc will go for a toss.
The panjamgam has to be re-written. Pattali makkal katchi and Hindu munnani may claim that this is illegal and plan for a dharna.

Famous astrologers like “Mei Meiyappans” will start delivering lengthy lectures in prime slots to boost the TRP of some channels.

Congress party may get into another scam by crediting the MP’s salary twice during midnight and blaming the re-clock.

So many clock towers across the state would be attended to during mid night!
Multiplexes may screen a special show during the DST time change and charge double the price!!

Jokes apart, I am amazed how the Developed nations cope with this without making a big fuss of it.

It only reminds me of the saying “In the game of chess, sometimes you have to make a move backward to move forward, similarly in life !!”

They don’t mind going behind another hour to make life n work easy. Its time we too accept some logical changes and get ahead in life.


  1. Haha..well written da... But they live with rules, while we with customs and practises...and those have been created favouring our time zone and living habits... Nee solra athe science than telescope la parthu 9 planets nu sonanga...athe namba aalu pala aiyiram varusham munnadi telescope illamale solitanga...moreover panchangam parthu 1000 years ku aprum tis wud be amavasai, that wud be pournami nu we calculated...We have been much advanced then them... Avanunga than nammala adimai aaki..diffentiate panni...nammala naame degrade panna vaichanga...eppo nee ange poitiya...so u also hv been affected by hyjackers syndrome :P

  2. Exactly, ur right, if not they adjust their clocks, they have to adjust everything else , so its better to adjust the clock and stick to the adjustment as if there was no other adjustments made other than the clock!