Thursday, February 3, 2011

GOD and the curious human mind!

Why does the mind always have an upper hand over us? Have you ever thought about it?

If you really note down the number of things and people and scenarios and instances and events and dialogues ( and what not…) which comes into our mind every day( at least one single day), you would be amazed at the capacity of our brain.

We must really thank God for having given us this ever expandable hard disk memory which need not be formatted and which does not crash that easily and normally. Amazing…

And I guess the brain also has the power to traverse to the remotest corner of its hard disk and travel back several years( as early as the childhood days) and immediately come to the present second also.

We have the power to identify a person whom we have seen before decades in a flash and also at the same time reply an SMS parallelly!!

I bet its really beyond science and beyond imagination and beyond affordability.
Can someone price the human brain? Impossible. Its such a wonderful gift that God has given us.

Birth, death, dreams are all beyond explanation for which only God knows the answer.
I have also been fascinated by the fact that the FACE and THUMB IMPRESSION are unique for every single person on this earth!!

How can the creator still continue to create different human faces with only slightest difference in eyes, nose, mouth ? After all face is less than 1 sqft..

And still there are slight similarities within the family members and differences with all others in the world.. Wow…Just Great.

We are really like the alien creatures in the movie AVATAR, controlled by GOD. He knows when to switch on and when to switch off..