Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Us and them

Though rainy days are always a delight to the chennaites as it is a big relief from the scorching sun, it poses a different kind of problem.
Traffic, bumpy roads and rash driving… and it becomes like a “Survival of the fittest” in the jungle.
Thanks to the 2 wheeler drivers, the platforms are fast disappearing in Chennai.
Most of them think that it’s a separate lane laid for them by the Corporation!
And 4 wheeler drivers are not far too behind.
They just don’t care about the two wheelers on either side( I mean it) and enjoy splashing water as though they are going on a water splash ride in a theme park.
And the above rule perfectly follows the hierarchy.
Lorries, buses and trucks taking cars for a ride( literally!!), cars taking bikes for a ride, bikes to cycles and cycles to pedestrians..
I would be happy if official communications follow such strict hierarchy.
Despite all these the weather makes us feel happy!
Rain rain go away ( only when I am travelling to and from office) Come again every day( and night) :-) Have a cool day.