Thursday, July 8, 2010


Though am not a football fan, I could resist myself from writing this article on Mr.Paul, the predictor!

Since I kept thinking about Paul before sleep, I got a strange dream….Here it goes.


Paul is made to choose the winner from 2 boxes – India Vs Pakistan

Paul is really tensed as he knows that his choice will not matter and Paul is in a fix ( I don’t mean what you think)
Paul thinks in mind what will happen if he sits on the Indian box and if India wins –
He will become a hero overnight , there will be a new political party started with his photo, people will garland his posters and cutouts and people will do him “ Paul”abishegam”.
Copywriters of most advertising agencies would use the name on their headers and scripts and it goes on and on.

Paul pauses for a minute and thinks what if India loses. Still Paul would be on the safer side as the Astrologers would come into play to save him telling that Paul was facing the wrong direction when he sat on the box and it was not an auspicious day and Paul is going through a testing phase and so on. They may also end up renaming from Paul to Bala.

Irrespective of the results, the so called news channels would make everything as a flash news and keep building his publicity.

What if Paul sits on Pakistan’s box and Pakistan loses – No big deal. Octopus Briyani would be ready very soon ;-)

I couldn’t stop laughing in my dream and I woke up to get ready to the office..


  1. ha ha ha.. So true Hari.. Its so hilarious.. I couldn't stop laughing though!! And y Paul would be renamed Bala?? any logic behind??

  2. I really never got reminded that your name is also Bala when I renamed Paul as Bala :-) Paul to Paula to Bala was how it happened.