Wednesday, October 3, 2012

CV or Ctrl C+Ctrl V


Somehow I got attracted to this saying about a decade back and ever since I have taken utmost care not to copy other's work. There is a genuine and marginal difference between Best Practice Sharing and copying. All of us are unique and our thumb impression is an obvious illustration of this fact. Shouldn’t we then try and be unique wherever possible, if not always?

Is it sheer laziness or lack of application which leads to copying? Or is it the ease of availability of abundant information at our finger tips? Nevertheless, God has given the power of thought to all of us and we must put it to best use.

Sadly, there are numerous instances wherein we have seen blatantly copied work and being claimed as original. So, it is actually double crime to copy and lie.  I am sure we would never run out of thoughts and ideas when we think. The problem is we are not willing to think or think beyond some point and finally end up taking the road always traveled instead of the road less traveled!

So who is the main culprit? Is it the easy GOOgle or lazy GOOse in us?

It is never too late to and there is always scope for improvement and change. So, lets be original or lets at least try to be in the near future.

Think of the person who invented TUBELESS TYRES, without REINVENTING THE WHEEL!

For those of you wondering what relevance the blog has to the subject, take it easy. It was just to attract your attention.
For those of you who did not even think about it, cheer up, you are my motivators to write more ;)
I am sure you wouldnt have noticed that "Difference is the first sign of thought" is also the caption for my blog post homepage :)

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  1. Ideas should inspire not just be convenient.

    It is easy to copy and for her homework my daughter had created a monster ppt about Australia some 30 pages long. She got most of her material from Wikipedia copy and paste.

    Actually reading what her homework was "find an aspect of AUSTRALSIA and write about it, like animals, the people..."

    Managed to get this down to 1 page with pictures. Trying so hard to impress upon her that to read and take notes and rewrite in your own hand from your understanding is what is needed.

    She also didn't realise an actual person wrote the information in the first place, must have thought it was just robots or something